Terms and Conditions

Our products:
Our natural products flow to you from pure groundwater wells, which is characterized by its unique location in one of the most famous valleys in the southern region, Wadi Heli.
Quality Excellence:
In Latin, we are always looking and looking to achieve the highest international quality standards followed and modern. Therefore, Latin was awarded the ISO certificate in the Lunch Safety Management System: (2018: 22000), as well as the ISO certificate in the Quality Management System: (2015: 9001), in addition to the HACCP certificate in ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and we are still eager to achieve more.
The provision of services :
We are honored by your high confidence in our natural products, which were produced in order to provide a healthy, natural, balanced product. In two days we serve you all days of the week except Friday. There may be a delay in some requests due to some sudden circumstances such as weather conditions, traffic traffic, and others, and this is what prompts us to pre-excuses because it is beyond our control. - You can get free delivery if the required quantity exceeds the number of (10) cartons, or if it exceeds the number of (20) Shrink. - When ordering a number of cartons less than the allowed limit, free delivery, the delivery value will be: - We reserve the right to refuse service whenever that is, and according to what we see in violation of the rules that we work on in various forms. We reserve the right to limit the quantities, services or products that we offer. Product prices are subject to change without prior notice. Our other services to fulfill orders besides the website - The unified number: 920003168 For requests, distributors and agents, and more inquiries about this, you can do so via the email: info@lateenwater.sa
Return mechanism:
Return policy term: - The return process will not take place unless proof of purchase such as receipt or invoices is available. - Any product that is attempted to be returned other than the form in which it was sold and has been damaged or defective that led to its tearing or poor storage. We have the right not to return it unless it is in its original condition.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy :
We appreciate and understand your concerns and concerns about confidential information and data and their privacy on the Internet. - So we explain to you that this page has been prepared to help you and to clarify the nature of the data we collect from you when you visit our website and the advanced mechanism through which we save your data and information.
Data collection mechanism:
- This website has been implemented and created in order to serve you in a modern and fast manner and according to the requirements of modern technology and to achieve the desire of many customers. - When we request some information, we will ask you to provide it of your own volition, because it will help us achieve your desires and serve you better. - Name, mobile number and e-mail information is requested in order to allow you to use your personal account that enables you to request our electronic services such as: purchasing products, subscribing to the mailing list, text message updates and to give you some special privileges such as news, latest products, latest discounts, offers and competitions . - As well as in order to achieve and implement financial payment transactions to facilitate purchases through the site in compliance with the legal and regulatory obligations approved in this regard. - Collecting information helps us maintain a practical and safe environment in order to prevent fraud or misrepresentation, violations, security incidents and some suspicious activities, to protect the seller and the user and the safety and security of the electronic services that were established for you. - All information provided by you will be confidential in the belief in general and ethical principles and in fulfillment of the requirements of the regulatory authorities. - The information provided will help us in contacting you as well as in sending you the latest products, offers, discounts and electronic and field competitions. - It will also help us determine your locations to speed up the implementation of your requests and serve you in the required manner. - To improve your experience as a user to ensure and achieve the overall quality of our services. - To get to know you when you visit our website to serve you in the required manner.
Disclosure of information to a third party:
- In the event that you visit our website, and as is customary on all websites, the hosting server will write down your Internet Protocol (IP) address and this will include some information such as: the type of Internet browser, the date of the visit, the time of the visit, and the address (URL) of the websites you visited By transferring you to our website.
We follow the most important physical, electronic and technical security standards and procedures in order to preserve your personal data in accordance with the applicable protection laws towards data protection, use or disclosure. A large part of the problem may occur for your information later