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Lateen Water Factory

One of the factories owned by the First Development Company for Industrialization

Lateen Water Factory is characterized by the sources of its pure natural products, which are sourced from underground well water, in the center of Wadi Hali, one of the most famous valleys in the Kingdom, which is rich in abundance of water and its extension from the roots of the Asir Mountains to the coast of the valley that follows the Makkah region.

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International Quality Requirements

Lattin Water Factory is unique in its achievement of international quality requirements, as the factory obtained certificates from the Food and Drug Authority for achieving the standards and requirements of the authority, as well as granting the factory the ISO certificate in the lunch safety management system (2018: 22000), in addition to the ISO certificate in the quality management system (2015: (9001), and the Lattin Water Factory was granted HACCP certification (Critical Control Points in Hazard Analysis), and the aspirations of the factory's board of directors are still moving towards the horizon.

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